Workplace Giving is the simple process of making regular tax-deductible donations through a payroll system. 

It is one of the most cost-effective ways to donate. It minimises the cost to employee and maximises the benefit for the charity and its purpose & vision. 

Plus, it can build a positive culture in the workplace, and increase employee engagement.


 Workplace giving is a great way to be a socially responsible entity while increasing employee engagement and inspiring stakeholders. 

It helps instill pride in your employees, as they see you commit to causes that are close to their hearts and creates a sense of community across your organisation. 

Some workplaces also opt for matched giving as a way to increase the impact that they are having. 

With Women’s Healing Sanctuary, matched giving funds support even more women to receive our support and care. 

Click here to get your workplace giving started or for further information. 



 By becoming engaged in workplace giving with Women’s Healing Sanctuary, you can make a difference in the mental health and wellbeing of women in Australia.

Your donations will be from your pre-tax income, which means you can pay less tax, and you won’t need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund on your donation. 

You’ll also get a tax-saving straight away.

All you need to do is ask your employer if they have a Workplace Giving program in place, if not perhaps they would like to commence one!