Some of Our Testimonials

It gave me time to stop and be. I had nothing to worry about except for feeling and processing my emotions.

I could talk when I wanted to and leave to stay in my room – whatever I needed. I set aside me-time & just cried over things I haven’t allowed myself to cry about for 5 years – it restored my soul, and I could release things.

I desperately needed to STOP and have everything taken care of for me.  Staying at the Sanctuary was a perfect balance of support while respecting my need for alone time.

I felt so cared for. It was just what I needed.

I enjoyed being outdoors and just breathing – watching the ducks, horses and rabbits. Loved waking up to the chirpy birds.

OMG, best lasagne I’ve ever eaten!  Would return just for this!

A safe and supportive environment that was warm and inviting. I loved the quietness, and the spontaneous conversations were so helpful.

Spending time alone walking the beautiful grounds, sitting by the pond and at the firepit  was a balm for my nerves.

The wholesome warm food was delicious.  I appreciated that I didn’t have to socialise when I didn’t want to and loved being curled up in bed or soaking in the bath.

I enjoyed the peace and quiet and not having to deal with people.  Each conversation with the Live-in Manager helped me make more sense of my reactions.

A peaceful place to rest, relax, unwind.

Thank you for encouraging me to listen to my body and what it needs.  I thought I would write and go for walks, but instead slept and cried and slept and cried.  I could feel the stress start to settle.

I arrived a total mess and left feeling far less anxious and out of control. 

It was so helpful, can I stay forever!?!  I did lots of processing and am returning home feeling FAR less anxious.

Claiming space away from my stressful situation gave me time to reflect on my past and present choices, and I now have a new confidence to trust my gut more.  Being at the Sanctuary calmed my nervous system right down.