When you include a gift in your Will to Women’s Healing Sanctuary, no matter how large or small, you’re passing on something that really matters to women.

Women’s mental health, self-care, and well-being are so much more than doing more things for themselves or making different choices. 

It’s about women being nurtured and cared for. It’s about women being able to deeply rest when all the “DOING” of life becomes overwhelming. 

It’s about taking time for oneself because the era we live in asks a lot of women. 

It’s about being cooked for, taking time to do nothing, sleeping in, sitting by the pool or in front of the fire. 

It’s about hot chocolate and marshmallows, it’s about reading a book by the lily pond with a cuppa and it’s about the tender loving care that only our In-House Manager can offer.

These are the gifts that keep on giving. When women feel nurtured and rested they return to the world more emotionally and physically balanced, with more self-confidence and with the capacity to keep on giving of themselves.

Your legacy can provide this opportunity for women, whether they’re struggling with grief, loss, trauma, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, or excessive busyness (and the list goes on). 

This is a legacy that funds women to receive and BE in safety.

After taking care of your family and/or friends, we hope you will consider passing on the power of deep rest for women through a gift in your Will to Women’s Healing Sanctuary.

Together, we can make a difference for women. And we thank you sincerely for that.